I have had a very bad experience with Greg Sclafani, the infamous owner of that bogus auto transport company, a eastern connection. All I have to say is stay away from these 2 crooks that own the place.

If you give them your checking account information, you will be sorry. They will take your money and not move your car. They will threaten you if you try to get your money back. Check with the BBB before you even think of using them.

Well over 200 BBB complaints so far in the past year. They are ***!

They should be in jail.

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North Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1183980

You are so true i invested 29 thousand trying to make things wright even brought 2 sprinter vans all for notting Management at the Stratford office in ct should be all put in jail there are thieves dont trust this company with your packages if you do buisness with them get out if you only knew how they handle your belongings belive me.


:( It's too bad these people have affected so damned many good people. In researching them, I have found over 400 VICTIMS !!!

People report having their bank accounts drafted twice and cars never picked up. Others try to collect refunds for cars never picked up and never get their money. Why they have not been jailed already, I will never understand. Greg Sclafani and his wife Marguerite Cermosa Sclafani owe me $650.oo for transport of a vehicle from TX to WA.

Any attempts I make to collect are met with lies and put offs.

I have to go after their trust/bond in attempt to recover the money. :(

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